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The concept of Modular kitchen has introduced freshness in the way food is prepared. The general assumption of people is that designing modular kitchen results in a big hole in the budget. However, the affordability factor is changing. Gone are the days, when modular kitchens were meant just for the up-class. Nowadays, modular kitchen interiors are available in a wide range of designs, colors and affordability. The price of the modular kitchen primarily depends on the type of design chosen by the person. Further, there are some other factors too that influence the pricing of the modular kitchen. The requirement of number of modules in the kitchen affects the pricing too. The number of cabinets required for storage, provision of shutters, additional accessories vary and so varies the pricing. The basic modular kitchen begins from 70,000 - 80,000 INR. The price rises depending upon the design.

Modular kitchen makes use of different materials to achieve the objectives and meet the requirements of the people. While some materials are within the reach of budget, some shoot up the prices as well. Designers play an important role in choosing the right modular kitchen. The designers understand the requirement and the budget limit of the people. They balance the modules with the price and offer a solution that is apt. There is a wide choice available in modular kitchens. All those who are not willing to opt for full-fledged modular kitchen can instead choose the option of semi modular kitchens. Modular kitchen owners are given minimum twelve month's guarantee. They can even select the materials, design, colors and modules to get exactly what they desire. The price invested to get modular kitchen seems to recover when people find their kitchens the most beautiful place in their homes. Modular kitchens are a blessing in disguise.
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