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Modular Kitchen Fittings & Hardware

The concept of Modular Kitchen has brought great revolution in today's lifestyle. Where the life of people is becoming more and more strenuous and busy, they favor for a lifestyle free from hassles and hardships. Hence, people today are looking out for modular kitchen options. The builders today are creating kitchen space from the view point of a modular kitchen. A successful modular kitchen is a result of perfect identification and placement of shape, space, accessories, cabinets, appliances, etc... One of the key requisite for a strong and durable modular kitchen is its fittings and hardware. The fittings and hardware forms the basis of this synchronization. Quality plays a vital role in setting up a modular kitchen. Installation of quality products ensures long life and durability. People should look out for quality fittings and hardware products. Failure in meeting the quality standards lead to a poor quality of modular kitchen set up. The fittings and hardware required in setting up a modular kitchen are plastic Washer, Square plastic washer, wall cabinet hanging bracket set, SS GTPT Support, SS Fascia Clip, SS Glass Support Set, SS Glass Support Groove, SS Screw/Nut/Washer, Plastic "L" Bracket, Chipboard Screw, Cabinet connector, Shelf support, shelf support for glass, hole plug, microwave stand, plastic nova pro clips for designer basket, door bumper, agoform mat, telescopic channel, mounting piece with dowel, adjustable leg, plinth clip, ventilation grid, plinth, end cap, vetro line, metallic line, easy line, E23 Kit, Hinges, Hinge for Blind Corners, Base Cabinet Hanging bracket set, internal wall cabinet hanging bracket set, minifix, shelving rod and dowel.

The hardware and fittings are available across all the domestic and imported brands. It is essential for the consumers to check the product prior to its purchase. There are possibilities of getting inferior quality goods. A recee across all the domestic brands will be an aid in selecting the right and best quality fittings and hardware.
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