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Manufacturing Process

Kitchen is the heart of every home. It is the place that brings the family members together over food. From time immemorial, kitchen plays a very important role in every household. Earlier considered to be the abode of women, kitchens now accommodate men too, who help the ladies to prepare sumptuous meals. To make the kitchen welcoming, many concepts have been introduced for the interiors. Modular kitchen is the coming together of various modules that collectively create a design. The concept of modular kitchen is to make the work simpler and cooking fun. Interiors of modular kitchen are such that they can be applied to all the kitchens, irrespective of their size and place.

The interiors are such designed that it matches the style and requirements of the person. Modules that are the core of the modular kitchen are shutters, shelves, baskets, cabinets, sink units, chimneys and others. No longer, the kitchen stands out of the entire house. It can be blended in by choosing the same colour theme as living room. This way, kitchen becomes an extension of the living room. Different themes can be chosen along with colour combinations and patterns to make the kitchen stylish and lively at the same time. Modular kitchen has become the basic requirement of people residing not only in Lucknow, but around the world.

There are five main types of modular kitchen - galley kitchen, L-shaped, U-shaped, Island kitchen or double galley kitchen. Galley kitchen gives a streamlined appearance as the modules are placed next to each other. L-shaped offers an eating area and makes it easy for more than one people to work in the kitchen. U-shaped kitchens offer efficient design solutions with ample storage space. Island kitchens are designed in rooms where plenty of space is available. Double galley kitchen have two galleys and there is sufficient space for everything.

There are several things that influence the planning of the modular kitchen. The primary thing is the requirements of the person. The things in the kitchen should be placed in a manner that makes it easy to reach out to them, without wastage of time. Traditional kitchens made it difficult to source things when necessary, ultimately increasing the time of cooking. However, the manufacturing process of modular kitchens is such that it aids the cooking process and reduces the time. Modular Kitchen is a functional kitchen that is designed based on elaborate planning. Things that are kept in mind while designing are number of appliances, the place of storage, the location of the sink and other things.

Another important factor that influences the design of the modular kitchen is the location. The primary thing that kitchen requires is sunlight as it aids the cooking process. Ample sunlight also makes the space appear spacious. While designing a modular kitchen, one should choose the shape of the kitchen carefully. Things like refrigerator and other major appliances should be such placed that it makes it easy to work around them. The placement of kitchen components changes the entire composition of the kitchen.
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